ABOUT CAB Graphics & Design



We develop graphics and design for print and media. From logos, journals, booklets, brochures, business presentations, and much more — to electronic newsletters and websites. We strive for a captivating appeal while portraying the personality and desires of each client. We listen, design, and re-design to meet the satisfaction of each.

CAB Graphics and Design is a new, small company that provides innovative results at an affordable cost. Excellence in customer service is extended to everyone. The goal is to create a design or marketing piece that is satisfying to the client with a quick turnaround and a friendly approach.

The owner, Cynde A. Bimbi, is a trained and certified graphic design artist. With the encouragement of family and friends she began her business, CAB Graphics & Design, in 2016. Her motivation and will to begin her own company came from her late mother, Betty Higgins. Betty passed away a few months before the company was formally established, but her memory continues to drive the inspiration of Cynde’s work. Betty’s love of nature, and particularly butterflies, has found it’s way into many of Cynde’s designs as a tribute to her wonderful mother.

Jim Bimbi provides his expertise in writing, videography, and creativity. He is the rock and the man that supports this successful woman!

Our primary objective is to provide each client with a unique design and affordable, personal service.

  Cynde & Jim







Our church contracted with CAB Graphics & Design for our stewardship campaign. Cynde was able to take our raw ideas and produce beautiful and compelling graphics and brochures which communicated our message in a way we never could have on our own. I personally appreciate how CAB listened to what we wanted to convey and collaboratively worked with us to get to a final product that we’re very happy with. Thank you!


The Interfaith Resource Center is a lending library that serves all Faith traditions in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland. Our primary contact point with most of our clients is our website, which includes our online catalog. Without CAB Graphics and Design we would still be poorly represented with an out-dated website. We are thrilled with the creativity and the clean graphics that CAB has provided as well as a more up-to-date format.