Cynde A. Bimbi 

A Passion to Design 

If you ask Cynde where her happy place is, she will tell you at her desk creating a design (second only to spending time with her family). She became interested in graphic design while working as a Communications Manager for a non-profit organization. As her passion grew she became mesmerized by the work, the challenge, and the results.

Encouraged by her family and friends she attended Delaware College of Art and Design to enhance her skills and to begin her own business. Her brother, who resides in Austria, is a wonderful charcoal artist and has been drawing from the time he was a child. Cynde always marveled at his natural skill and at times found herself envious that she wasn’t gifted with some of his talents. She now realizes that she does have an artistic heart, but it lies with the ‘mouse’.  

A trained and certified graphic design artist, Cynde looks forward to serving her clients, while fulfilling her passion.





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Cynde & Jim 

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

From the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Delaware, Cynde & Jim Bimbi have always shared a spirit for the outdoors. They love life and seeking new adventures together. 

Jim provides his expertise in writing, videography, and creativity. While videography is a newer undertaking for Jim, writing and creativity is a gift he seeks to engage every day of his life. His expertise in these areas compliment Cynde’s love of graphic design, creating a dynamic duo.

Their company  provides innovative results at an affordable cost. Excellence in customer service is extended to everyone. Their goal is to provide a quick turnaround and a friendly approach while creating designs or marketing products that are satisfying to their clients.

Betty Higgins

1937 – 2016

Betty was a native Coloradoan and spent a lifetime supporting and encouraging her children and grandchildren. 

Her encouragement is what motivated Cynde to follow her passion and establish her own business. Additionally, it was Betty’s financial support that  made it possible for CAB Graphics & Design to become a reality.

While Cynde put her education and entrepreneurship plans on hold to live with and care for her mother during an unexpected and short illness, she is delighted her company is now operating and knows the motivation came from her sweet mama. 

Betty passed away a few months before the company was formally established, but her memory continues to drive the inspiration of Cynde’s work. Betty’s love of nature, and particularly butterflies, has found it’s way into many of Cynde’s designs as a tribute to her wonderful mother.